• Food For Thought: Concussion Nutrition
    Concussion Treatment at Back2Life Chiropractic in Toronto Concussions are one of the most intensely studied topics in health right now.  Papers are being published in waves in order to better understand Read more
  • Neck Pain and Dizziness
    Do You Suffer From Neck Pain and Dizziness? Here’s What You Need to Know Comparison of outcomes in neck pain patients with and without dizziness undergoing chiropractic treatment: a prospective cohort Read more
  • Low Back Pain
    Spinal Manipulation Therapy for Low Back Pain in Toronto at Back2Life Chiropractic Are you having trouble with low back pain? You’re not the only one.  Low back pain is the most Read more
  • Disc Herniation vs Disc Bulge vs. Slipped Disc
    Disc Herniation vs Disc Bulge vs. Slipped Disc Which of these is the one you actually have?  These terms get used interchangeably, so let's break down each one.  Let's talk about the Read more
  • Why Check Kids' Spines?
    I've been adjusting my kids since the day they were born.  The first question out of people's mouths is "Why?  They don't have back pain."  My response is usually along Read more
  • Kids Day!
    Read more
  • Do I Need to Keep Coming?
    Do I Need to Keep Coming? How Long do I Have to Come? I get these questions from patients regularly.  Ultimately, they can and do answer this question themselves.  The answer comes Read more
  • Spring Cleanse - Part 2
    8 Easy Tips for Starting a Cleanse You’ve made the decision to start a cleanse with one that fits your health and lifestyle, and now here are some easy tips Read more
  • Spring Cleanse - Part 1
    Which cleanse is right for you? Feeling sluggish from winter eating and lack of exercise? Cleansing can be a great tool to kick start the body into working to its Read more
  • Which Pillow is for You?
    Which pillow is for you? Do you sleep on your back, on your side or on your stomach? Maybe you sleep in a combination of several different positions?  Comfort is a Read more
  • The Webster Technique for Turning Breech Babies
    The Webster Technique for Breech Babies Morning sickness, nausea, fatigue and all those food cravings… If you’re pregnant, you don’t want to add a misaligned pelvis, curved spine or a protruding abdomen Read more
  • NSAIDS and Atrial Fibrillation
    NSAIDs put you at Risk for Heart Flutters Most of us think nothing of taking an Advil or Aleve for those aches or pains that show up regularly.  These are part Read more
  • Vitamin D
    Living in the winter wonderland that is Toronto, we spend a large portion of our year covered up.  This means that we likely aren’t getting enough vitamin D.   Where do Read more
  • Text Neck
    Text Neck What is text neck?  Look around.  You can probably see it right now.  Someone is hunched over their phone, messaging with friends or checking out their twitter/instagram/facebook.  So let’s Read more
  • It's Happening!
    Finally, we're starting to actually build and not just tear down.  Steel beams are being put into place and lots of lumber is making its' way into the building.     Read more
  • Another pic
    Click the link 'Another pic'     Read more

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