Do I Need to Keep Coming?

Do I Need to Keep Coming?

How Long do I Have to Come?

I get these questions from patients regularly.  Ultimately, they can and do answer this question themselves.  The answer comes from their health goals.  Let’s talk about different health goals that people have.

Health Goals:

1. Eliminate Pain – In most situations, people come in because they have pain – neck or low back pain.  Some are acute while a bigger number are chronic pains which develop over time until the people can’t take it anymore.  Eliminating pain in these cases takes somewhere between 2 weeks and a couple of months, depending on the nature of the problem as well as the person’s age and daily activities.  Eliminating pain doesn’t mean the underlying problem is corrected.  Pain is the first thing that is eliminated, and the first step in healing.

2. Improve Range of Motion – A common complaint patients have is stiffness, most commonly in the morning or in the evening.  Improving range of motion typically takes a few weeks of care including performing home stretches.

3. Improve Performance – A lesser known benefit of chiropractic adjustments is an improvement in performance.  There is a reason almost all pro sports teams have a team chiropractor.  Having an aligned spine and pelvis allows for proper motion and quicker healingin the whole body.  Correcting alignment is typically a longer process, taking months to achieve.

4. Restore Proper Sensation in the Arms/Legs – There are 2 main things in the spine that cause pinching of a nerve – either the bone itself if misaligned, or a disc that is bulging/herniated.  Restoring proper alignment and doing traction on the spine can correct both of these situations.  Correction usually takes several weeks or months.

5. Improve Nervous System Function/Health and Wellness – The nervous system controls everything in the body.  When the bones in the spine move out of place, they press on nerves and interfere with the messages being sent through those nerves.  We call these subluxations.  Subluxations affect the messages going to your organs as well as your bones, muscles, and ligaments.  Improving the communication between your brain and body will result in improved health and wellness.  This takes weeks to months to improve, followed by regular adjustments to maintain.

People have a fear is that once people begin care, they have to continue forever.  Consider a couple of other scenarios.  One hasn’t worked out in years and now decides it’s time to go to the gym.  In order to get into shape, one is required to work out at least 3 days/week until goals are achieved and then 1-2x/week to maintain.  If one stops going to the gym, he/she will eventually lose all the gains made.  The second scenario is one’s dental care.  One goes at least 2x/year to get teeth cleaned to maintain oral health.  If one skips those appointments, teeth and gums decay.  The same thing happens with the spine.  If it’s not taken care of, it decays and degenerates.

How Long You Choose to Benefit From Chiropractic Care is Up to You!

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