Dr. Dennis Berkovic

My first chiropractic adjustment was incredible!

I was 17 when I started having back pain right under my left shoulder blade. I knew nothing about chiropractic, but my mother suggested I go see her chiropractor. I promptly booked the appointment and went for my assessment.

My first adjustment was incredible! I was one of those rare and lucky cases where relief was instant. My chiropractor explained that the symptoms disappeared quickly, but it would take a bit more time to correct my spine and get my nervous system functioning optimally. I was excited that my body could heal from the inside out and that I didn’t need to take any medication. It was then that I knew that I wanted to be a chiropractor. I still thank my mother regularly for recommending chiropractic care. It changed my life.

Chiropractic Education

I began my pre-chiropractic education at the University of Western Ontario where I studied the basic sciences such as inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, along with basic physiology and anatomy courses. After completing my study there, I was accepted at National College of Chiropractic in Chicago. During my four years at National, courses included biochemistry, a major emphasis on anatomy and human physiology, X-ray, diagnosis, chiropractic adjusting techniques and patient care in the National College Public Clinic. After graduating in 2000, I returned to the Toronto area to establish my practice.

Back2Life Chiropractic

You will find our office to be family centered, and you and your family will be made to feel at home the minute you walk in the door. Our staff is friendly, and we truly care about every single person that walks in our door. You will receive individualized attention from the very first visit. My goal in practice is to get the patient back to health as quickly as possible. My philosophy is quite simple – I work with my patients as a team effort. We each have our separate jobs to do. I will only accept a patient case as long as the patient agrees to work as hard as I do in reaching their health goals. I enjoy teaching patients about how to change their lives and adopt a healthier lifestyle by eating right, exercising, and keeping their nervous system function at an optimum through chiropractic care. I am continually amazed by the body’s ability to heal itself given the opportunity to do so.

Living the Chiropractic Lifestyle

My focus outside of the office is my amazing family. They are the light of my life. My wife Simone is the most supportive and inspiring woman I’ve ever met. Together, we have two kids. Mia is 8 and Hayden is 6. Every morning when I wake up and see them, I get a huge smile on my face.

With the little free time I have, I am either playing guitar or playing hockey. Music has played a big role in my life and I’ve been playing guitar for 20 years. I was a late bloomer in the sport of hockey, as I didn’t begin playing until university. What I lack in skill, I make up for in effort.

I check my family for subluxations on a weekly basis and adjust them when needed. I get adjusted on a weekly basis to ensure I am at my best to care for my patients and family.

Welcome to Back2Life!

Congratulations for taking responsibility for yourself and experiencing that healthier people do create a healthier world with regular family chiropractic care. It’s an honor and privilege to meet you. The confidence you’ve shown by entrusting me with one of your greatest gifts, the health of your family, is truly inspiring. I won’t let you down.