Spring Cleanse – Part 1

Which cleanse is right for you?

Feeling sluggish from winter eating and lack of exercise? Cleansing can be a great tool to kick start the body into working to its highest potential. Often we can get caught in ruts during our busy lives with diet that harms our digestive systems; stress, alcohol, caffeine, and processed foods place a burden on liver, colon and kidney function.

Spring is a perfect time to have a body and mind that is energized. There are many ways to cleanse, often simply eliminating certain things from our lives is easy way to start, but natural cleanses, where we change our diet drastically for a short period can work quicker and allow our bodies to fully detox.

Figuring out what the perfect cleanse is can be a challenge – there are a lot out there, but the list below is a good start in finding the perfect fit.

Juice cleanses – it works fast, and so the side effects will often be more intense. If you’re thinking of a retreat or taking a staycation this is a great route as fatigue and temptation of daily life (and food!) can take a toll when trying to perform day to day activities. Following a strict regime is critical (and a love for kale as many juices are based on this king of all greens!).

Smoothie cleanses – you are still receiving all of the major benefits of the juice cleanse, but you’ll be less hungry. In a smoothie regime you can add good fats like avocado and coconut oil, so your body has more calorie intake. This is a medium intensity cleanse – day to day will still pose a challenge, but that awesome fiber and good fat should keep the hunger pangs at bay!

Raw food – there are many raw foodies out there, but for most of us, a strict raw food diet is a great cleanse and detox program. You’ll need to keep time in the schedule as this is a labor intensive process, and meals will generally need to be prepared in advance. Nuts can still be consumed (in moderation) but ensure they are raw, unsalted, and not roasted!

Elimination Diet – if a cleanse seems too intense for your busy schedule, then the elimination diet is a slower way to experience the effects of detox. Eliminate hard to digest foods (including all processed foods) and eat only organic vegetables, brown rice, beans, lean protein, and fruits and nuts. Be careful of condiments as they often have hidden ingredients. Increase your fresh herbs and use organic basil, cilantro and mint to spice up your meals.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, please check with your doctor before starting any cleanse.

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